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Supply Management Solutions

A comprehensive set of solutions to support supply management functions for domestic and international businesses.


Bondedxpress Supply Management Solutions

Bondedxpress Supply Management Solutions, based in the United States, gathers information, services, and resources to perform functions of sourcing, acquisition, and transportation of products needed by international companies to run their businesses.

In an era of faster product cycles, global competition and increased risk of supply chain disruption, corporate leaders need to know how to use supply management as a competitive advantage.

Purchasing, global sourcing, and managing its related logistic, can account for more than 50 percent of overall costs in many industries. Bondedxpress-SMS works with clients to make procurement a strategic operation and realize huge bottom-line impact.

What Bondedxpress SMS can do for you:

    Bondedxpress-SMS brings the supply and demand markets together!

    The United States is a markets that supplies many products to the world, but also requires to source and purchase products manufactured or produced overseas.

    We are experts in filling up this gap!

    Service Offerings:

    • We will design a strategic approach to sourcing, purchasing, and transportation.
    • Our sourcing experts will assess your specific needs in the market, and provide you with quotes, specifications, and transaction conditions.
    • We will advise you on negotiation process and facilitate procurement.
    • We will perform and manage the whole logistic process from supplier to your warehouse.

    • Strategic Sourcing
    • Procurement / Purchasing
    • Receiving
    • Warehousing / Storage
    • Inventory Control
    • Distribution
    • Transportation / Traffic / Shipping

    No product or supply is too large or small for Bondedxpress SMS!

    • Machineries
    • Equipment
    • Spare Parts
    • Raw Material
    • Vehicles
    • Technology
    • Electronics
    • Consumer Products
    • Chemicals
    • Boats and Jet Skies
    • Aircraft
    • Components

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    Email: Bondedxpresssms@bondedxpress.com

    Phone: 1 888 SHIP Bondedxpress

    Direct: +1 305 591 8080

    For information about all of our services, check out the Bondedxpress Services page or contact your Bondedxpress Representative

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Our expert customer service team is available 24/7 to provide up-to-date delivery information and inventory control.
Strategic locations at major global gateways, including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Boston, Paris, London, and Hong Kong.
Processing more than 50 million pieces of international mail and small packages every year, both at home and abroad.
With nearly 4 decades of experience as a logistics provider, Bondedxpress is the expert’s choice for efficient and cost effective global transports.